is a Structural Steel and Miscellaneous Metals
Detailing Company.
Utilizing industry-leading advanced technologies
known as StruCAD and AutoCAD,
STG Steel Detailing firm
provides clients with the benefits
of greatly reduced project development costs,
improved performance, reduced production time
and generate significant business growth.

SteelTech Group is recognized
as one of the most promising and reliable companies in the in the field of
Structural Steel and Miscellaneous Metals
Detailing Services.

Combining extensive expertise
and cutting-edge technology
STG has the ability to provide clients
with Steel Detailing Services
of superior quality, incomparable performance
and extraordinary value.

Utilizing knowledge and experience
of the Steel Detailing and understanding
the process of steel fabrication and erection,
STG professional team
capable of processing a broad range of the steel projects from simplest to the most complex jobs.

The scope of the STG
Steel Detailing Services includes
2D Steel Detailing and 3D Modeling
which allows to complete any task
with high productivity, operational efficiency
at competitive rates,
and accomplish our prime objective
of maximum Customer Satisfaction.

Utilizing industry-leading advanced technologies known as StruCAD and AutoCAD, STG Steel Detailing offering affordable Service solution
that increase profitability, maximize productivity and improve client's business performance.

STG specialize in providing a variety
of cost effective Steel Detailing Services
for the Structural Steel Industry
that improve project production, increase speed and dramatically reduce associated cost.

Supported by expertise and dedication
to consistent quality, SteelTech Group
deliver significant productivity gain,
improve operational efficiency,
and increase clients profitability.

Our experienced technical team utilize StruCAD
3D Modeling system to create a complete interactive and parametric model of Steel structures with unique visual interrogation.
"The Build structure on screen" model shows accurate dimensions, geometry, connections,
member properties and materials.
The associated drawings can be viewed instantly, reducing the need to continually print
or plot these drawings.
Our unique business relationship model effectively provides clients with the benefits
of reduced project cost and time production, increased performance and profitability,
reduced labor and improved productivity.

SteelTech Group highly professional staff
utilizes years of experience
and the latest computer modeling technologies
to produce precise drawings,
which provide our clients with an accurate image of each structural element, their placements, connections between them and precise dimensions. In addition, clients receive
the details for each steel member, its connection and hardware details, which improve the process of proper packing and dispatch to the job site.

STG Steel Detailing has knowledge and expertise, capability and capacity to handle multiple projects
of various sizes and complexities simultaneously.

STG Steel Detailing Services helping customers
to reduce processing development cycle of the project by automating many of the labor-intensive task, associated with the Steel fabrication business, lower project development costs
and increase profitability.

SteelTech Group provides professional
Structural Steel Detailing Services
to a variety of companies serving the commercial and industrial segments of the Construction industry.

Committed to Total Customer Satisfaction,
STG is capable to meet the demands
of the dynamic Structural Steel industry
and unique needs of each client.

Distinguished by extensive industry knowledge
and functional technical expertise we confident
that our clients receive the most effective
and professional Steel Detailing Services.

Utilizing innovative technologies and resources,
SteelTech Group delivers substantial benefits
of increased productivity and profitability
that generate significant business growth
and competitive advantage for our clients.