StruCad is the World's Leading 3D Structural Steel Detailing System, offering progressive business solutions
for the Steel Construction Industry.
The unique and powerful features associated with StruCad modeling technology significantly improve project performance, streamlines working practices throughout the production process, increase productivity and operational efficiency with benefits of lower product development costs and a greatly reduced project processing cycle.

An array of powerful modeling and detailing tools of the StruCad software
create with speed and accuracy a complete interactive and parametric model
of Steel structures with unique visual interrogation.
"The Build structure on screen" model shows accurate dimensions,
geometry, connections, member properties and materials. The associated
drawings can be viewed instantly, improving clarity and understanding
of more complex structure geometry.
Leading StruCad technology advance detailing experience, improve project
performance level and streamlines
the delivery process of the design, detailing, and fabrication.

StruCAD powerful modeling generation technology
produce precise drawings,
which provide an accurate image of each structural
element, their placements, connections between them
and precise dimensions. In addition, clients receive
the details for each steel member, its connection
and hardware details.
The productivity benefits associated
with StruCad software provide immediate advantage
with production-proven capabilities,
reducing processing development cycle of the project
by automating many of the labor-intensive task,
and increasing functionality
across the entire production process.

StruCad 3D Modeling advanced technology allow
design the project in accordance with specific
recognized steelwork standards,
and applicable design codes.

StruCad software solution optimizes the
performance, increase productivity, and improve
operational efficiency
of the Steel Detailing process.

StruCad delivers exceptional performance
throughout the Construction development,
streamline the detailing processes,
lower project development costs,
and dramatically reduce total project detailing time.

Addressing the challenges of technological advances,
StruCad design innovation
delivers power to work more effectively
with increasingly complex commercial, industrial
and building structures, improving drawing
production capabilities,
reducing production time
and project development costs.
StruCad powerful 3D Modeling technology provides
advanced solution for the Structural Steel Industry
to deliver the most technically challenging Steel
Construction projects.